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2017-04-06 08:54 am

Oh, look, this thing is still on, and I need a bunker.

LJ seems to have finally jumped the shark completely (all your data is belong Putin). So I try and find a way to port entries from that to here.
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2010-09-02 08:47 pm

(no subject)

Set up dreamwidth account should I need to bail from LJ due to continuing degradation of the site...
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2010-09-02 12:52 pm

(no subject)

Is apparently a greasemonkey script to remove the FB/Twitter connect thingy recently added to LJ.
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2010-07-04 12:08 am

(no subject)

Kate Beaton nails it again in the first strip on this page: Go Isambard!

Edit: I am also enjoying the appearances of Brunel in 2D Goggles.
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2010-05-25 01:06 pm

bushfire cold

Low grade bushfire cold. Just infectious enough to feel I shouldn't go to work, but not so ill that I don't feel guilty at not being at work.
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2010-03-15 11:50 pm

Modified from mining rants posted elsewhere today.

I've posted versions of this as comments elsewhere twice today, so I may as well put it up here

To paraphrase what I've said about this elsewhere, I think the current government's fairly shallow reasoning behind opening more conservation land here to mining is faulty, and that they're dreaming if they think they can somehow jumpstart a mining industry here that can get us towards an economic par with the Australians. (While NZ is fairly rich in mineral resources, especially offshore, NZ is just not big enough to have enough easily accessable high value mineral resources to run enough mining and exploration to make the same sort of contribution to GDP and living standard that it does in Australia, and what it could do would not be for very long, plus most of the money from it will go directly overseas because most of the mining companies will be foreign owned.)

But here's the rub: For my part, I've worked in mining and exploring for mining _conservation_ lands overseas, on and off for the past twenty years. Thus it would be hypocritical of me not to mine/explore conservation lands here if my employer so entailed me.

It is arrogance in the extreme to assume, as many of my acquaintances do, that our environment is any more unique or deserving of protection than the various Australian and South American environments I've been involved in surveying, mapping, drilling, bulldozing and blasting overseas, at various points since 1994.

The only point of difference is that mining in New Zealand conservation lands is mining where we know about it, and it might impact upon something we are familiar with. But every single place I've ever unleashed a bulldozer or drilling rig or explosives on was equally unique and rare an environment. They all had endangered species, they all had delicate ecological balances. And we cannot run anything like the society and living standards we have without mining them. The internet cannot exist without it, we cannot have this discussion without it. None of our technology can exist without it, not unless we are all willing to live and work in a functionally third world situation.

I am not currently directly involved with the mining industry. Most of my mentors, old classmates and students are, and I will probably be so again at some point in my career. I have utterly no qualms about that, because every single greenie out there on the planet contributes to paying for it anyway, every time they buy any new item containing any metal or petrochemical or mined mineral or stone of any sort. All they can do is protect _their_ local cause celebre, but for every one they protect, someone will pay someone like me to go mine something else, somewhere desolate and remote and generally without a sufficently furry and cute environmental macguffin to attract much interest at all, and you'll all buy the eventual end products.
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2010-03-11 04:13 pm

(no subject)

Bank has agreed to loan. Now fencing with vendor via mutual engagement of solicitors regarding getting unconsented alterations certified and outstanding maintenance done, or price reductions in lieu.
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2010-02-18 11:34 am

Westphalia Nazibank.

Just transferred the last of my cash over from Oz to my WestphaliaNazibank account here, then whacked it out and stuck it into Kiwibank. BankDroneLady from Westphalia Bank was quite shirty with me when she realised the reason for pulling out the big bank cheque was for arranging home loan elsewhere, but if they wanted my mortgage, they shouldn't have been tweaking me with multiple small account and money transfer annoyances over the past decade. What a Wunch of Bankers.
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2010-02-11 05:21 pm

Waiting for the falling anvil

In last two and a half hours, have come down with a cold, decided to leave work, blown up starter motor leaving work, dropped mp3 player down drain while attaching ropes for tow start to leave work, Recovered mp3 player from foot and a half of murky drain water with things in it, managed to get home, drop car with auto electrician (odd to leave car with him, key in it, running, as if stopped, needs tow start...), biked home, broken bike a bit, fixed bike, got home, come down with mild fever, raging Delhi Belly, now looking at affixing safety straps and harness to toilet and wondering what gods I have offended.

Probably not going to be at work tomorrow. Seeking drugs now as becoming snotmonster with unstable stomach.
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2010-02-10 07:05 pm

Silversmithing at CF

Late in the event, one of the ladies from Ildhafn mentioned disappointment at not being able to find a suitable pennannular brooch at the market, so I popped up behind her and said 'if you come over to the forge I'll make you one now', chopped up some fine silver wire, and after a sequence of hammering and annealing, sold her a brooch based on some I saw in the viking exhibition that came through sometime 2006 ish - simple square twist and curl ends, about 20mm diameter.

I liked it so much, I promptly made two more, one for sale and one to give away. Photos here
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2010-01-29 10:24 pm


Just saw the International Space Station go overhead, early evening (22:15 NZ time). Very bright, about as bright as Venus just after sunset, maybe more, while almost directly above for about 30 degrees passage of the sky right above, then fading as it dropped horizon-wards over the Rimutakas. Could just make out shape to it, in that it was not a point source, but was obviously elongate with projections.
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2010-01-24 09:59 pm

Oseberg tablet frame completed.

Replica Oseberg tablet weaving loom/frame. Still need to scrape/sand it all down, etc, but all the joints fit and it seems to work fine. 1-1 scale replica as best as I could measure up from the relatively low-res copies of the drawings in Osebergfunnet I snaffled off the web, with some dimension changes in wood thickness due to what timber I had available.
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2010-01-23 12:01 am

(no subject)

You know, I'm being cranky and curmudgeonous about Avatar these days. A couple of weeks ago, I was still vaguely keen on seeing it, just once the crowds and hype had died down, but now I've had enough spoilers and snippets and reviews and fannish squee over the effects that I'm just no longer interested in seeing it, almost just to piss off the people that have seen it. There are enough niggly bits in it about the simple plot and generic macguffin (c'mon, calling your unobtainium 'unobtainium' is just lazy), even just from the trailers and stills, that piss off my uber sensitive ability to fail to suspend disbelief. Particularly the floating mountains, actually. That's a damn big Chekov's gun, with all sorts of possibilities, but AFAIK, it's just there to look cool. If you're going to depart from reality that far, an effect like that just for scenery, in a nominally future version of this universe, nominally with the same physics, this is to me a serious failure to use Chekov's gun.
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2010-01-21 09:27 pm

Need a house again.

Second time in three months, landlords have been laid off/lost their
shirts, need to move back into their rental property, and have pulled the
42 days notice clause on the lease, so we need another place to live by
the 6th march.

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2010-01-19 07:21 pm

Viking age Tents....


We've all seen the various permutations of prismatically framed Oseberg tent, ad infinitum, or possibly ad nauseum. Has anyone ever done a Gokstad frame ( two sheer legs at either end, single ridgepole) reconstruction?
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2010-01-09 09:30 pm

Hey, friends of mine who are in the US...

I have a friend in Australia who needs a payment made today, of about, what, fifteen or twenty bucks, made to Microsloth or her website disappears, I assume due to some sort of software licence expiry that they make it difficult for furriners to pay. For some reason she has no online/telegraphic method of making this payment. Anyone game? Reimbursment will occur, possibly with extra for your trouble.
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2010-01-05 06:13 pm

(no subject)


Once again the reason I don't have SCA heraldry has been underlined to me by observing SCA heraldry in practice.
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2010-01-04 03:16 pm

(no subject)

Gah. Don't clear my email for the holiday period and it fills up with Lochac spam. On subjects that have been done to death ages ago.