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Birthdate:Aug 21
Location:New Zealand
I do stuff.

[info]dragonermine once accused me of being a polymath. I still count it as one of the nicest things anyone's ever said about me.

Interests (71):

aaf, all about planets, ammonites, anglo-saxon, angloscandinavians, archery, armour, astronomers, banging the rocks together, barbarian pentathlon, beowulf, black powder artillery, blacksmithing, bowyery, calderas, calligraphy, carnivorism, craters, cthulhu, darwin, dawkins, debauchery, deerstalking, english, etc., evolutionary biology, explosions, eyepatches, fantasy, felt hats, fireworks, fletching, flint-knapping, gritty reality, iain banks, ignimbrites, kaos, larp, long rifles, masonry, medieval history, metalfounding, militant atheism, mineralogy, more sex, nitrated ring compounds, no. eight wire, norse, palaeontology, pedantry, petrogenesis, petrology, planet-smashing, pointed sticks, re-enactment, rope work, sca, sceptics, science, scoundrels, sex, sf, sisters of mercy, small arms, smelting, steel weapons, stuff smithing, tablet weaving, tolkien, uranium isotopes, woodworking
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